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| On The Table |
The images below display Chax Knives that are currently "on the table", knives which are ready to go, constructed, polished and complete. All they need is a knife knut and their address. Prices vary depending on model and the materials of the knife's makeup (steel type, handle scale materials, etc.). If interested, please contact us and we'll respond with the details. These are knives that require no wait time and are ready for immediate delivery.

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| Heat Treated |
...and ready for final grind and construction. Below is our current list of heat treated units. These are knives that can be completed in 3-4 shop days according to customer specs, instead of potentially waiting an entire month for a "from scratch" model. Check out what's "On The Table" and if you don't see a model displaying what you'd like, check here and you could have what you'd like within a week's time. Please contact with any questions.
Heated Chart
| Handle Materials |
Typically on hand is moose, elk, and whitetail antler. Current wood stock includes (left) from top to bottom: Australian Red Gum Burl, Ebony, Rosewood and Cocobola. Pyinma burl from Asia is displayed on the right.
Current Wood Stock

Note: Knife handles can be constructed with any material you desire. These are just some of the popular materials that are currently in stock.

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