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I have seen a really wide variety of edge thickness offering by different makers, most producing thick, mostly so they don't get damaged knives back. This is a rare occurrence, and repair is usually easy. So, I will back even flesh blades with replace or repair, trusting you will not intentionally set about causing damage. If you have a flesh blade, and are forced to do chopping where there is metal or rock present, I'll stick with you and help on it's repair. In short, if you buy a CHAX knife, I remain with you in it so that it lasts forever. You are, in effect, leasing a knife for life, and it's my job that it works.

| Options Note |

You can choose the options of your knife - steel type, grind, blued, cryogenic, pin type or nuts & bolts, handle scales (any kind & color in obtainable existence), finger guards, sheath, etc. Contact me to discuss your wishes and their resulting costs.

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Note: Knife measurements are approximate since no two handmade knives are the same.

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